Dating and Flakes

One thing I have noticed so far in my rather inexperienced life where randomly approaching women is concerned, is that a rather surprisingly large number, flake, once you have successfully received their number.

I still can not work out the reasons, and I have also yet to recognize any patterns besides the bleeding obvious that she won’t flake if she “really”

My Personal Diet Structure: Two-Week Block

I stick to two week plans.

The reason why I prefer to stick to two week blocks is firstly in regards to my strength training regime, and secondly because of momentum and my Carb Day (which I do once every two weeks).

So my diet looks exactly like this and this is what I basically have done to lose weight non-stop,

Getting a number on the train – in front of everyone

Well I have not exactly been the most successful at picking up women or getting into relationships for that matter. Whether it was my self-esteem, my weight (in my teens and mid-20s) or anything else, it is really not clear why.

Since my weight loss I have been attempting to get better with the opposite sex. 

Carb Day

The Carb Day. The purpose of the Carb Day is three-fold. 1) To raise Leptin levels, 2) to give you a psychological break and 3) to help fuel your workouts once you commence your diet.

There are many studies done on how eating a large amount of carbs within a certain time-frame helps raise Leptin levels.

Body-Fat Day© (Zero Fat Day)

This is the most important day. I like to call it the “Body-Fat Day“…why? Because according to my theory, the body is directly using your body-fat for energy.

You will never find this theory anywhere else, and you are free to use it as you wish, but please acknowledge me as the first person to coin it 🙂

I have looked all over the internet and the same tired ass information comes up.

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