Body-Fat Day© (Zero Fat Day)

This is the most important day. I like to call it the “Body-Fat Day“…why? Because according to my theory, the body is directly using your body-fat for energy.

You will never find this theory anywhere else, and you are free to use it as you wish, but please acknowledge me as the first person to coin it 🙂

I have looked all over the internet and the same tired ass information comes up. For example;

Never eat too much protein on a low-carb diet” “You must always eat fat on a ketogenic diet” etc…

Why does everyone say this? Because of the fear that without fat, and too much protein, the body, through gluconeogenesis, will convert the protein into carbs and kick you out of ketosis. What I have found is nothing could be further from the truth…sort of.

Let me explain. According to quite a few studies noted on simply shredded , if the human body is in a state of ketosis, if you eat meals high in carbohydrates for less than 24 hours, the body STILL actually uses fat as an energy source. A direct source for this is “Acheson, K.J. “Nutritional influences on lipogenesis and thermogenesis after a carbohydrate meal.” Am J Physiol (1984) 246: E62-E70.”…

So if carbs do not stop your body from preferring to use fat primarily for energy (staying within that 24 hour time-frame), how can too much protein and not enough fat for the same 24 hour time period EVER stop your body from preferring fat, the way most commentators claim? It doesn’t.

So since the body still prefers fat as an energy source even with carb meals in the first 24 hours, if you do not have any carbs, but you also take AWAY ALL FAT, what is it using for energy? Your body-fat. Literally.

On this day, you keep your fats as low as humanly possible. You keep your carbs within that 30 grams range (again, do not stress, as long as you are sure you are below 50 grams).

This day is not fun. It is not meant to be. This is the day you will cut your body-fat and make progress.

5 meals. All 5 meals combine for a total of 0 grams in fat (obviously you will go over 0 grams, but you get my point). Again, just try to keep the fat as low as possible, but do not dwell/count-grams or stress. Just do it at every meal.

For me it would be something like this.

Meal 1 – Can of Tuna in brine

Meal 2 – Chicken Breast

Meal 3- 6 Eggs (only one whole for the amino acid profile)

Meal 4 – Protein Shake

Meal 5 – Tuna in Brine + Salad with lemon and salt

You do this day properly and cycle it with the low fat day and high fat day, and you will lose body-fat.


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