Carb Day

The Carb Day. The purpose of the Carb Day is three-fold. 1) To raise Leptin levels, 2) to give you a psychological break and 3) to help fuel your workouts once you commence your diet.

There are many studies done on how eating a large amount of carbs within a certain time-frame helps raise Leptin levels. Leptin is the satiety hormone and the one that prevents your body from completely going into starvation mode. It is vital to your progression.

It is not an option, but mandatory.

I recommend doing one every 13 days. So once every two weeks. If you want to do it once a week, that is fine (if it works for you), but you are going to have to follow you macros closer, which is something I am against. Doing it once a week also breaks any momentum you may have and puts you at risk of breaking the diet ( I will explain more a little later in this article).

I stick to two week plans.

On this day, you attempt to keep your fat intake low, as fat can both blunt the leptin effect and also make you feel full, not allowing you to eat as much. The goal of today is to eat as much sugar and carbohydrates as humanely possible while keeping fat intake low, but not counting your fats either (if you are doing it once every 13 days).

This means no McDonalds, no pizza, no sausages with sauce and bread-rolls. Anything that you know has a large fat content is a no go.

The best part; everything else is a green light.

I start by eating half a kilo of pasta. I then go on to eat almost an entire box of cereal with low-fat milk. I spoon Milo (yes it has fat) and then move on to eating low-fat ice cream, with pancakes and Hershey’s toppings. I drink as much sugar loaded drinks as I can, and spread Jam and Honey on bread all night long.

WARNING: You will sleep, both during the day and basically after each meal and be drowsy thanks to the insulin response.

The very next day, you may also feel like absolute crap. I get sore gums, a very hot mouth that feels like I am breathing fire and towards the afternoon, I get extremely hungry. This is not real hunger, but rather sugar cravings. It is vital you plan to get through the next day no matter what. Even if you have to do a High-Fat Day straight after the Carb Day, which is also one of the major reasons why I do this only once every 13 days. Once a week can really ruin any psychological momentum you may have and also forces you to count your fat intake to a more anal degree.

Remember, this is supposed to be fun. Do not stress too much on counting your fat content, just stay away from what you know has an extremely high amount of it (KFC etc).

Two days after the Carb Day (the very next day for some people), you should feel fuller (both in your muscles, and whilst dieting) and your strength and energy should sky-rocket, whilst also breaking any weight loss plateaus that may have attempted to stand in your way.

It is usually recommended to complete a depletion workout (all of my weight training is full-body, basically depletion anyway), but I also do it on cardio days. I like to be flexible, and in 13 days you are already depleted, so do not stress about this too much either. Just add in the Carb Day in your two week block, wherever it suits you (I recommend on Friday, so you start the next two-week block on Sunday fresh and not groggy).

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