Getting a number on the train – in front of everyone

Well I have not exactly been the most successful at picking up women or getting into relationships for that matter. Whether it was my self-esteem, my weight (in my teens and mid-20s) or anything else, it is really not clear why.

Since my weight loss I have been attempting to get better with the opposite sex. I have been going out on days that I can to just see what I can find.

As my blog posts grow, you will get a better understanding of how I arrived to where I am at now, in regards to women.

Today I went out into the City and unsuccessfully attempted to get a few numbers. My very first approach, I went up to a woman who was with her friend, walking down the street. I complimented her and introduced myself, to which she ignored me and her friend LAUGHED/SCOFFED at me and they walked past. I felt stupid, but I did not let it bring me down. I approached a few more, not sure on whether I should pull the trigger on asking for their numbers and decided to go home.

I walk into the train and sit next to a very attractive young woman. It was a cold day and I signaled her to take off her headphones. When she did, I asked if I could have her jacket, to which she laughed and so did a few others watching. We went through a few stops, which then I signaled for her to take off her headphones again, and this time I complimented her ear-rings and said “I like them, but I still like your jacket better”. From then on a conversation started. We were going along smoothly, until an elderly lady also chimed in. Inside my head I was thinking “please go away”. I had no idea when the young woman’s stop was.

As we started to go through more stations, I asked for her number. Whilst the old lady was still talking to her, she passed me her phone from the side in which I dialed it in and called my phone. YES!

The remainder of the trip, I was telling the grandma she was ruining my moment and my attempt at picking this woman up, to which everyone found funny on the train. I was getting a few harsh glares from young girls, but otherwise it turned into a mini-family gathering on the train.

It was hilarious.

Now I am hoping she is not a flake and may be someone worth pouring some time into.

Weird but fun event, today.

EDIT; She flaked and stopped returning my texts the next day.

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