Dating and Flakes

One thing I have noticed so far in my rather inexperienced life where randomly approaching women is concerned, is that a rather surprisingly large number, flake, once you have successfully received their number.

I still can not work out the reasons, and I have also yet to recognize any patterns besides the bleeding obvious that she won’t flake if she “really” wants to date.

Maybe as I progress I may start to work out patterns and what causes someone to flake so obnoxiously, but for now it is just frustrating.

I remember a time (early 20s), when I would get a number, stuttering and puttering, and be absolutely over the moon. Many didn’t lead to much, but I was always happy and felt like I had achieved success. Now, since I have been approaching very frequently, I have found numbers easy to get. Little did I know, that flaking is part of the “game”.

No matter how long I talk to her upon approach, no matter what happens (see my wonderful train story), women have almost always flaked on me so far. In fact, I have so far approached probably, 20 – 30 women, and only ONE led to a proper dating scenario which lasted about 2 months (which is a very unique tale in of itself, which I may divulge into later, really was unbelievable what happened).

I have tried talking for around 2 minutes then quickly asking for a contact number. I have even had a coffee with a few of them straight away, only to never return my text the next day. The girl on the train was returning my texts that same day (rare), then the next day she just disappeared. The one that led to a two month dating bonanza also had a coffee with me upon first meet, so as I write this, perhaps the pattern so far is to try and make it as personable as possible upon first meeting someone randomly on the street?

I still do not know, but flaking is very real and I don’t read about it much from PUA type stuff.

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