My Personal Diet Structure: Two-Week Block

I stick to two week plans.

The reason why I prefer to stick to two week blocks is firstly in regards to my strength training regime, and secondly because of momentum and my Carb Day (which I do once every two weeks).

So my diet looks exactly like this and this is what I basically have done to lose weight non-stop, to the point I am literally starting to look like I am at below 8% now.

WEEK 1                                                        WEEK2

Sunday: High Fat Day                           Sunday: Low Fat Day

Monday: Low Fat Day                          Monday: Zero Fat Day

Tuesday: Zero Fat Day                         Tuesday: High Fat Day

Wednesday: High Fat Day                 Wednesday: Zero Fat Day

Thursday: Low Fat Day                        Thursday: Zero Fat Day

Friday: Zero Fat Day                              Friday: Carb Day (WEIGH IN)

Saturday: High Fat Day                        Saturday: Low Fat Day

If you follow this, along with my exercise regime, you are guaranteed to be absolutely ripped.

Note: On week 2 you see I do two Zero Fat Days in a row. This is the hardest part of the block. The following day (Friday) I check my weight in the morning and then have my Carb Day.

You can weigh in however you want, just keep it consistent. I weigh in as soon as I wake up, straight after cardio (the added loss of water from cardio, although only water weight loss, gives me momentum and encouragement).

The day after your Carb Day will be hard as you may crave. If you can not do a Low Fat Day on Saturday of Week 2, then you can change it to a High Fat Day instead, which I have done on countless occasions if I feel I am about to splurge on carbs again.

Please, if you are going to follow any of my advice, talk to your doctor first. There are studies both for and against Ketosis dieting and I am not a doctor nor a medical practitioner. 

Chin ups + Diet
Chin ups + Diet


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